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Power Supply


"Need a power supply in the
Nelson Tasman Region? "

"Powertech can help with the application process and install your connection point and cable to your switchboard."

Rural Customers and Life Style Block Owners. Irrigation Power Supply . Commercial Power. Domestic Customers.

Rural Customers and Life Style Block Owners.
If you're a Life Style Block owner we can help work out your cable requirements by calculating out the size of cable required. Generally these are several hundreds of metres so it is important to get it right the first time. As part of the project we can install a metering point and power outlets so you can start building or plug that temporary accommodation in to get going.

Irrigation Power Supply.
Water pump supplies are common and we can advise what you need to get that pump started and the size of supply required.

With the increase of farming activity requiring new or upgraded connections, it is important for you to talk to us at the concept stage. We need to check what power is available, can we access it and are there any implications to the existing Power Network.

Commercial Power

If you are a commercial customer, building a commercial building or refitting one out, we can assist by calculating what we think your maximum demand will be and advise. With this information we can calculate out the size of your mains cable and switchboard size.

Domestic Customers

We can help with the application process and the installation of a Builders Temp Supply.

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