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Powertech Overview

Powertech Us Overview Picture Transformer Install

"Powertech is committed to its customers and its Industry with a clear point of difference"

Humble Beginnings | Vision Mission | Quality Policy | Health & Safety Policy


Humble Beginnings

Powertech Nelson New Zealand Limited was first registered on 7th August 1997 and was the amalgamation of two private companies that were born out of the deregulation of our industry.

Both companies complimented each other with different skills sets and made good sense to come together. As time went on people came and went but the core skills still remained.

Only one of the original owners is left who now carries out the role as Managing Director and Engineer Simon Topp.




Vision and Mission

"Our core focus is a Engineering Design and Contracting Centre Of Excellence"


Our Vision:

To build a company to last by creating and maintaining a contracting centre of excellence with trained and qualified staff. To be a leading Electrical and Power Contractor that carries out its business to a high standard with a high level of integrity.

Mission Statement:

  • We aim to maintain a high level of compliance, Integrity and quality for our work.
  • To develop our services and systems to achieve quality at a competitive advantage for a fair price.
  • Be an Electrical Contractor that our customers can trust and rely on to do the right thing.
  • Deliver and exceed our customer’s expectations on price, services and products.
  • Value our staff and customers.


Quality Policy

Powertech Nelson New Zealand Ltd is a medium size company that is committed to delivering quality service using quality products at a competitive price. 
Our objective for adopting a formal quality management system is to achieve the following:
  • Provide a service that meets the clients specific contractual and quality requirements.
  • Use the quality system to improve performance and efficiency.
  • Be cost effective in delivering our product and service to maintain a competitive edge.
  • To maintain a reputation within the market place of a company that can deliver.
  • Raise competency levels of all staff to improve knowledge and skill to deliver quality.
Our objectives are the core of the company and are to be constantly improved and reviewed to maintain a quality advantage. Through continual review and training we can meet a changing work environment.
With our emphasis on quality and customer focus we can deliver a product and service that meets our clients specific requirement through client communication.
Through staff and client input we can meet client expectations and contract success.
Quality and contract success gives satisfaction to employees and clients alike which motivates people to be the very best that they can be.


Health and Safety Policy



Powertech Nelson treats Health and Safety as an integral part of the Company’s operation. It is the responsibility of management and staff alike to take Health and Safety as a personal challenge and continue to foster safe working practices.
We are committed to achieving a high standard of safety.


Powertech Management will continue to foster a culture of Health and Safety within the group to ensure:
  • Accurate reporting and recording incidents and accidents.
  • Competency training.
  • High standards of house keeping and hygiene.
  • Effective hazard management.
  • Emergency response.
  • Genuine concern for each other and those around us.
  • Maintain knowledge of industry best practice.

Management Commitment

Powertech Nelson will provide a healthy and safe working environment for all its employees, contractors, visitors and clients. We will comply with legislation, codes of practices and industry standards.
We will continue to review and establish Systems of Work for all activities.


Management will actively promote and support the rehabilitation of injured employees early return to work if appropriate.

All Staff Members

It is the responsibility of All employees to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by eliminating, isolating or minimising hazards that may cause personal injury, occupational illness or property damage.

Staff Participation

We will consult with and encourage the full participation of all employees in all aspects of implementing and continuously improving our Health and Safety Performance. All employees will be involved in setting Health and Safety standards and the internal auditing of Workplace Safety management Practices.

Management and Staff

Everyone is expected to accept the challenge of making our organisation a Healthy and Safe place to work, for all our Staff, Visitors and Contractors.

Policy Review

This Health and Safety policy will be reviewed annually.

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